What is Indian Cinema? What is the contribution of Indian cinema to the Indian economy?

What is Indian Cinema? What is the contribution of Indian cinema to the Indian economy? How much it is advantageous to the youth or population of our country?

What is Indian Cinema?

All the movies in different languages from different areas includes in Indian cinema. Indian Cinema includes Hindi cinema (Bollywood), jhollywood, tollywood, kannad cinema, Rajasthan cinema, Brijbhasha chalchitra, hariyanvi cinema, marathi cinema, punjabi cinema & kollywood cinema etc. Indian cinema has left a deep impact on the world of cinema since the beginning of the 20th century.

Father of Indian cinema:-

Mr. Dada Saheb phalke is known as father of Indian cinema. As it was their birth year, the central government has started a biggest award of Indian cinema named as “dada saheb phalke award” since 1969.

Contribution of Indian cinema to the Indian economy:-

Indian cinema comes on first position while talking about production of movies per year. You will be shocked to know that approximately 1600 movies are being produced every year in Indian Cinema. Indian movies releases in approximately 90 countries. Foreign earnings of movies makes a contribute to Indian cinema is up to 12%. Indian cinema plays a vital role to employments of our country.

First Indian movie was “pundlik” a Marathi movie which was released in coronation cinematograph, Mumbai on 18 may 1912. But accordingly it had no right to be the first movie of Indian cinema because all the characters were played by Britishers. On 3 may 1913 first movie of Indian cinema “harishchandra” was released. It was a silent movie.

The oldest film studio of India is AVM studio which is in Chennai. “Aalam aara” was the first non-silent movie of our Indian cinema, which was released in 19 march 1931. After Indian freedom struggle, the duration from 1944 to 1960 was considered as golden time for Indian cinema. Ramoji film city from Hyderabad has its own name in Gunnies world record for being the biggest film studio of world.

Stars of Indian cinema:

Mr. Amitabh bachhan is known as “one man industry”. He has won the dada saheb phalke award (2019), Padma vibushan(2015), Padma bhushan(2001), Padma shree (1984).

Mr. Rajnikant is the second highest paid actor of Asia.

Mr. Shahrukh khan is the most famous international Bollywood actor.

Mr. Kamal hasan is the only Indian actor who won 4 national film awards & 3 international awards.

Brahmanandam Kanneganti hold Guinness world record for acted in maximum number of movies. He has acted in more than 1000 movies.

Mr. A. R. Rahman is the most famous singer of Indian cinema, who took Indian cinema to the international heights. He has won 2 academy awards, 2 Grammy awards, 1 bafta award & 1 golden globe award.

Record holders movies:-

Dangal movie which was released in 2016 broke previous records & it’s business was of 2060 crore from all over the world.

Baahubali 2: The conclusion which was released in 2017 has broken all the records of domestic gross.

Indian films plays a vital role to aware every person about Indian history, Indian culture etc. 

I hope this article was worth to read for all.

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