What does PUBG stand for?

Full form of PUBG, What is PUBG Mobile game, How to play PUBG game, how to run PUBG in computer or laptop. If you want to know about this types of Question then read this post.

Today life reality no one have Enough  time in school life and job life then he can go to park and play outdoor game with his friend and he can do time pass or entertainment.

So Today you are free from some time from our study or job life,  when you are using social media app on our mobile or playing games on our mobile or computer, you can do our own time pass or say entertainment.

Some people’s hobby is play game on computer or mobile. Then you are spending much time or money for playing game. We are also talking about a game in this post this game is called PUBG.


PUBG Stands for “Player Unknown’s  Battlegrounds” And as you have read the PUBG full form, you must have understood that this is an online royal game that means that all the players fights against each other.

PUBG Game was released By PUBG Corporation on 23 March 2017. PUBG game designed by BRANDAN GREENE. According to Brendan he inspired by Japanese movie “Battle Royale” then he made PUBG game.

There are many types of battle royal game compare to PUBG. Likes Fortnight, HIZI, DayZ etc but PUBG game is very Popular. This is the fifth best selling video game. And now his 50000000 unit is sold out.

PUBG game is available in Android and Apple for free. But many people want to play game on computer then they have bad news because windows version is available on paid (999 Rs). But we can play PUBG by making a bit of money on the PC.


Player unknown’s Battlegrounds is an online mobile game. Because if you want to play this game then you should have good internet connection.

At the beginning of this game, 100 players are teamed up with aeroplane together by skydiving and fixed in the battle ground of a fixed size. When the player land fall into the ground then they have nothing. Everything he has to wear clothes, guns, backpacks, first aid, energy drink, ammo etc. All things he searched in the ground.

After that main game start, i.e. the more you have to kill all the other players you are facing. Apart from this, this game is also twist that your battle ground (play area) gradually gets shrunk and you have to stay in that area all the time.

The player who goes out of the area is gradually then his life power is decreasing, so most of the player also keep in mind that while playing the game. They can stay inside the play area and make these games more twist and fun.

There are three way to play this game. You can play it alone or with two people or with a team of four people. If you play it alone when you have to do everything and you do not get any support from above.

But if you play with a team of two or four people, then the other member of the team can give you the weapons, food, etc, and get their full support. Apart from this, if you kill any enemy, you can collect all the things by going to him where there is a green signal like this.

You have to avoid the end of these 100, if the any person survives till the end then he considered as a winner. If you are successfully staying alive then you are declared winnerchicken winner.

How to Play PUBG Game in Computer?

Step 1: Download Blue Stack application in your PC

Step 2: when installation complete go to play store install PUBG

Step 3: Play game with help of Mouse and keyboard or Gaming Controller

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