What is the meaning of India ? What is the full form of India in English? Which position India has secured in the whole world ? If you are curious to know these question, then you have made a correct decision to read it.

In these article i am going to tell you everything about the largest democratic country ‘India’. I hope this article contains all the things you want to know. I will try my best to include each & every information regarding India.

Friends as we all know India has a unique history.

We were slaves of the Britishers for 200 years. After so many fights & efforts our most challenging fighters gave us freedom from all the Britishers. There are so many different stories behind independence of India. Let me tell you now what is the full form of India in Hindi & what is the meaning of India.

Full form of India:-

you all will be surprised to know that, India has no full form. There are such people who made a meaningful form of India just by using some meaningful words.

Generally we see a full form of India like as written below:-

I = independent

N = national

D = democratic

I = intelligent

A = area

If you will search about the meaning of India in Hindi, you will get a result as ‘Bharat’. If we talk about Hindi meaning or Hindi translation of a word, you will be shocked to know that, India has no Hindi meaning. But before Britishers gave this country a name called ‘India’, it was named as ‘Bharat’. The word ‘India’ is taken from a a word ‘Indus’. Even this word is taken by ‘Sindhu’ from Sanskriti language. That means the word ‘India’ is originated by Sanskriti language. The Greeks named it India as it settled on the banks of the Indus River.

What is India:-

India is the world’s largest democratic country. It is situated in South Asia. According to population  India has secured second position in the world. & In the basis of area, it comes on seventh position. India is the only country who never started to fight at first. But we Indians fought for our freedom. Capital of India is new Delhi. Most populated city of India is Mumbai which is located in Maharashtra. In India there is no national language. 79.80% of Indian population is Hindu, 14.23% are Muslims and remaining others. India is a developing country. Tajmahal from India is selected in seven wonders of India. The oldest university of this world ( Takshshila university ) is located in India. Hockey is national game of India. Indian cinema produces maximum number of movies every year in the world.

India is the country of festivals. Indians are so religious. There are two national festivals which are celebrated by all. 15 August is celebrated as independence day & 26th January is celebrated as Republic day.

India is the only country who gave a lesson of humanity to the world.

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