how to get scholarship to study abroad


Decent scholarships for Indian students to study abroad

Every student dreams to study in top international universities of abroad. But this is only a dream for some because of two factors. First reason is People do not know the right way to study in top universities of abroad. & Second reason is, Due to weak economic conditions, they do not fulfill their dreams. Friends I’m here to help you all out of this. Today I am going to tell you that, there are so many ways to study in abroad. There are many scholarships scheme to study in abroad. I am going to show you the right path to fulfill your dreams.

These scholarships are given under different categories like destination specific, subject specific, on the basis of merit, athletic scholarships etc.

Some of scholarships schemes are as below:-

how to get scholarship to study abroad

  1. Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships:-

Fulbright Nehru fellowship are for brilliant Indian students who want to do a master degree in top universities of United States. This fellowship is only for maximum two years. This scholarship is usable only in fields like environmental studies, gender studies, public health, international legal studies, arts & culture management etc.

Eligibility criteria:-

The applicant should be an Indian citizen.

He/she must be fluent in English language.

The applicant must have amazing academic or non-academic achievements.

Method to apply:-

All you need is to fulfill the application form online. The application link is written below:-


  1. Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship:-

This scholarship is given by Macquarie University by china. This is comparatively tougher scholarship. It is given on the basis of academic merits. Even for this scholarship for undergraduate & postgraduates seats are limited.

Eligibility criteria:-

Applicant should be fluent in English or Chinese.

He/she must have qualitative academical knowledge.

This scholarship is given only for on campus study.

Method to apply:-

For this scholarship you need to fill an application form online. Once your application form is being processed, you will have a student id. Then you can fill scholarship form by clicking the link written below:-


  1. Tata scholarship:-

This scholarship scheme is a golden opportunity to the meritorious students to study in abroad. This is for undergraduates, postgraduates & for doctor’s degree. This program is designed by Tata group which is a best philanthropist. Under this scheme, there are so many scholarships on the basis of different categories. Even Tata group is empowering women by giving some specific scholarships only for women. Some of scholarships are as follows:-

J N Tata Endowment Loan Scholarships

Tata Trusts Medical and Healthcare Scholarships

Tata Trusts Scholarship for Speech Therapy etc.

Eligibility criteria:-

For different scholarships, there are different criteria’s.

Method to apply: – by clicking the link below, you will be able to fill this online application form.


  1. Chevening Scholarships:-

This scholarship is designed by UK government for Indian meritorious students so that they can have a platform where they can improve their skills. This is for one year master degree.

Eligibility criteria:-

Applicant should be an Indian citizen.

Should be fluent in English.

Method to apply: – all you need to fill this online application form which is written below:-

How to Get scholarship for Top University in the World :-

Many more scholarships are there, which can help you to achieve your targets. They provide a platform where you can prove yourself. I hope this was worth to read.

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