What is ABVP? What is the full form of ABVP in Hindi? What is the connection between ABVP, RSS & BJP? How does ABVP play an important role for our society? If you are searching something about ABVP, then you have reached right place guys. This post will be damn beneficial for you. I’m going to aware you all about ABVP. I hope to satisfy you all with every information regarding ABVP.  For complete knowledge read it carefully.  If you want to understand ABVP perfectly then you must read full article.

Guys as we all are aware that youth is the future of our country India. But in today’s world there are so many distractions, & that’s why youth is going out of track. All they need is a good leader or a good guide. There are so many organisations for ladies, gents, children & olds in our country who helps them in every situation. ABVP is one of them. This organisation have an aim to make today’s youth responsible. This organisation plays a role of a guide who shows right path to youth. Now I’m going to tell you about ABVP in detail. What is the full form of ABVP in Hindi?

What is ABVP? & what is full form of ABVP in Hindi?

ABVP stands for “akhil bhartiya vidhyarthi parishad”. It is a student organization which was formed by the RSS under the National Reconstruction. According to them, youth power is national power. It’s headquarters is Mumbai, which is in Maharashtra state.

ABVP is called as “All India national council” in English language. It’s a right winger organisation. Their purpose is to aware all the youth of our country about reconstruction of India. Their official slogan bis gyan, sheel, ekta. This is the India’s largest organisation. More than 3 millions of students are connected to ABVP.

Establishment of ABVP:-

RSS took the initiative to establish the ABVP. The ABVP was established 70 years ago by Mr. Balraj madhok in 1948 who was an activist of RSS. After that it was officially registered on 9 July 1949. In 1958 Mr.  Yashwantray kelkar, who was a professor of Bombay University, was appointed as main organizer of ABVP. Only Mr. Kelkar is known as a face of ABVP. According to ABVP a better country can’t be imagined without youth power. Their aim is to make every youth against of leftist ideology. Even RSS has the same review about leftist ideology, according to them, this ideology won’t be the reason for a better country.

ABVP is not only India’s largest organisation, but also it’s a largest organisation in world.

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